Invertebrates In Site Assessment

Invertebrates, like higher groups are an important component of our natural history with many species becoming scarce, often due to the homogenizing of the modern landscape.

SurveyingThe NERC Act Section 41 (Section 42 in Wales) and UKBAP reflects this pressure on our invertebrate fauna with a large number of them now being present on those lists as requiring special attention. It is therefore important and a requirement that they should form part of material consideration in the planning system.

Not only this, invertebrates are very useful in appraising features, a site or landscape. This has become more standardised and practical to implement with the advent of analytical software such as ISIS.
Targeted sampling of invertebrates can determine the quality and robustness of a resource or feature on a site, which can have a direct bearing on the type and level of mitigation that may be required.Porton Down_flower-rich mesotrophic grassland

Now with a greater emphasis on the landscape scale change and impacts that can be caused by some developments, invertebrates should also form a key component in any large-scale landscape impact assessment.

Training winter 2016/17

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and how to mitigate for them.

Invertebrates in Site Assessment – Training Flyer 2015