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Bombus humilis (brown-banded carder bee) on tufted vetchConops Entomology Ltd Facebook page Includes helpful tips in site assessment, identification of some common species, reminders and updates on all things bug related

Staffordshire Invertebrate Group Facebook Group The SIG facebook group Bees, wasps and Ants Recording Society For all things pertaining to UK flies Staffordshire Invertebrate Group homepage Excellent world wide, though predominantly European fly website with extensive image galleries and help with identification. UK Hoverfly Recording Scheme

National organisations and statutory bodies Statutory body for England concerning wildlife and species National Biodiversity Network (NBN)

European links European website on Orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets) Mark Van Veen’s very useful website on a range of taxonomic groups pertinent to North-west Europe


Conops Entomology Ltd – 2017 Assistant Invertebrate Ecologst positions





ConopsEntomology 2013 newsletter

chalcosyrphus eunotus a RedDataBookHoverfly_ItsStatusDistributionEcology_and_Conservation (year 1)

Chalcosyrphus eunotus (Loew, 1873) (Diptera, Syrphidae): its status, distribution, ecology and conservation_Dipterists Digest 2010 17

chalcosyrphus eunotus – Investigation into species’ mobility and metapopulations (year 2)

Andrena nigrospina – Ecology and conservation of a Red Data Book solitary bee

Invertebrates in Site Assessment – Training Flyer 2015