West Midlands Aculeate Database

This is a table of selected aculeate sites with known species inventories. This is not exhaustive but a guide to some of the key, exceptional sites and those that can be described as “average” for the West Midlands region.

The purpose of this and further tables (in development) is to create a dataset of aculeate site information that can be used by consultants and aculeate workers operating in the West Midlands for a range of applications from comparative studies, site evaluation and conservation.

This database will be added to and expended on in due course (hopefully towards the end of 2017). For information on sites in Staffordshire and the West Midlands, please email Andy directly. For the purposes of this current version of the database the West Midlands “region” is described crudely as Staffordshire, North Worcestershire and the West Midlands conurbation. A refined definition will be drawn up at a later date to include Warwickshire once more sites are added. Please note: Most of these list totals do not include extensive lists for ants.

Please feel free to contribute if you have any site inventories currently not on this list by contacting andy@conopsentomology.co.uk